“Perfect Match” by Alexis Alvarez

            It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Alexis Alvarez. I’ve read almost every book and short story she’s written; so, it was with delight I accepted an advance copy of Perfect Match in exchange for an honest review. From the first page of this sexy, romantic book I was hooked. Alvarez jumps right in to developing … Continue reading “Perfect Match” by Alexis Alvarez

His Firm Direction by Alexis Alvarez

I am not a big fan of BDSM; however, I love earlier books by Alexis Alvarez. After reading His Firm Direction my feelings about the subject have changed. I loved this book.   Alvarez has a real knack for making her leading men so sexy they seem to step off the page. She displays this skill again with Axel Masters. Strong and masterful, there is … Continue reading His Firm Direction by Alexis Alvarez

ARC Review of “A Handful of Fire” by Alexis Alvarez

As a fan of the earlier books by Alexis Alvarez I was prepared for a steamy love story. I was not prepared for the touching tale of Shai, Gabriel, and his son Michael in A Handful of Fire. Make no mistake; the story carries all of the heat and passion you’d expect from Alvarez. It also reveals the pain and passion of lives touched by … Continue reading ARC Review of “A Handful of Fire” by Alexis Alvarez

Welcome To Elmwood Park by A.C. Anderson

  Erotic romance conjures up visions of wild sex and intimate relationships. While the idea of a naughty town may not be novel, (remember Peyton Place?) A.C. Anderson peers behind the closed curtains of Elmwood Park giving us an up close view of the town’s dirty secrets. Welcome To Elmwood Park may sound like a charming tale of life in suburbia; trust me when I … Continue reading Welcome To Elmwood Park by A.C. Anderson

And the Snow Fell

And the Snow Fell Elizabeth Horton-Newton It was cold. The snow fell for days and coated the world with frozen silence. We played in the snow and flakes clung to your beard, tantalizing, tempting drops inviting a kiss. The glare of the noonday sun on the snow blinded me to your faults. In the still evenings we would snuggle under piles of blankets, nursing cups of … Continue reading And the Snow Fell

“Carved Wooden Heart” Pre-Order Deal!

“Carved Wooden Heart” is currently available for pre-order on Amazon. As a thank you to those of you who have read my books and choose to read this one I’m offering a free e-copy of “Riddle” if you will send me a screenshot of your pre-order receipt. This offer ends September 23, 2016 at 12:00 AM Eastern Time. “Carved Wooden Heart” is my new release … Continue reading “Carved Wooden Heart” Pre-Order Deal!

Emely’s Destiny

  Emely’s Destiny By Ariel Marie Cover by Ariel Marie Release Date: August 20, 2016   Book Blurb: Norrix Buchner’s loyalty knew no boundaries. As a king’s guard and one of the deadliest vampires, he was sworn to remain true to his king. In the absence of his king, he led the king’s guard in protecting and providing a safe refuge for displaced vampires. Now … Continue reading Emely’s Destiny

Shifting in The Realms (The Twin Cities Series Book 1) By Theresa Snyder

In her young adult novella, Shifting in the Realms, Theresa Snyder created a “realm” or alternate dimension where paranormal beings exist. Vampires, shapeshifters, and an assortment of other mythical creatures live together in less than harmony. Setting this hidden location somewhere between the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul the area is called The Realms by its inhabitants. The primary protagonist is a teenage … Continue reading Shifting in The Realms (The Twin Cities Series Book 1) By Theresa Snyder

“A Stranger Came Among Them” by Donald Montano

   In his book “A Stranger Came Among Them” Donald Montano has created an historical Western that contains both action and romance. Set in 1866 in the Colorado Territory, this is the first book in this exciting trilogy. Montano effectively builds suspense as he weaves the tale of good guys versus bad guys with enough lust hold the interest of any reader.             From the … Continue reading “A Stranger Came Among Them” by Donald Montano

“Moon Over Alcatraz” by Patricia Yager Delagrange

  From the first chapter in Moon Over Alcatraz by Patricia Yager Delagrange it’s obvious this romance will take the reader on a roller coaster of emotions. What isn’t evident is the complexity of the story yet to come .   With the still birth of their first baby Brandy and Weston Chambers lives are forever changed. Following Brandy’s heart wrenching loss as she tries … Continue reading “Moon Over Alcatraz” by Patricia Yager Delagrange