Welcome To Elmwood Park by A.C. Anderson


Elmwood Park
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Erotic romance conjures up visions of wild sex and intimate relationships. While the idea of a naughty town may not be novel, (remember Peyton Place?) A.C. Anderson peers behind the closed curtains of Elmwood Park giving us an up close view of the town’s dirty secrets. Welcome To Elmwood Park may sound like a charming tale of life in suburbia; trust me when I say it’s far from that.


Written graphically and beautifully, the intimacies of the sexual encounters in the book are not the focus. In reality, this is a collection of short stories about what goes on behind closed doors. These aren’t strangers who casually cross paths nor are they close friends who are led gently to intimacy. They are friends and neighbors who seem to accidentally stumble upon their relationships in unexpected ways.

These are not unrelated tales. The characters reappear in astonishing situations. Each story leads to further surprises, drawing the reader along, eager to learn who will be paired up next. But these surprises don’t always lead to happy endings. As in real life, what seems a good idea at the moment may turn out to be a disastrous engagement in the end.

It isn’t simply sex that draws these people together; it is pain, regret, desperation, loneliness, and a myriad of human emotional experiences. Often you don’t see what’s coming until you’re hit full force, head on, with the implications of the affairs.

If you like erotic literature you will love this book of vignettes. If you aren’t a fan of erotica but you can handle it, read the book. It’s a brilliant piece of literature that tells tales of the human condition, the secrets people keep from themselves as much as they do from others. Self-discovery is not always pleasant. In fact, it can be downright depressing. In the best cases, it can be enlightening.

Be prepared to be stunned. These stories are twisted in ways you will not expect. And ask yourself, would I want to live in Elmwood Park?

“Six stories. Four families. One forbidden love.
Elmwood Park is a suburban town like any other, but with secrets all its own. In these interrelated stories, we explore the hidden side of suburbia through four families and their loves, lusts, and illicit desires.
A nighttime intruder is not all that he seems. A cheating woman submits to her passions, if the man can tame her. Two old lovers share a last night before one gets married the next day. A free-spirited college student concocts a devious plan to seduce her crush. Game night with the neighbors becomes something far beyond play time. A high school teacher must resist the advances of his former student, now fully grown.
Each raw, sensual, story is a piece in the puzzle of what holds these families together, and what tears them apart. Does love redeem, or does it destroy?
WARNING: 18+ Only (Graphic Sex and Language)”

***About the Author***

A.C. Anderson is the pen name for a more established writer of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror. A.C. thought that it’d be better to keep the names separate to avoid confusion, but if you’re clever, you can figure out who A.C. is 😉

A.C. is a former advice columnist for the now defunct Palisades Magazine under this pen name. Under the other, A.C. has two published novels, several published short stories, and tons of articles both in print and online.

A.C. lives outside of New York City and enjoys coffee, geeking out, and “quality time.”

Visit A.C.’s website at https://acandersonsite.wordpress.com, a site focused on sex, dating, kink, and all things Love.


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