Waiting by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

  Vermillion lips pursed in concentration while scarlet nails drummed on the pitted surface of the old table. Heavily shadowed eyes lined with black as dark as the night outside Stared blank and unseeing at the scarred wood. Occasionally the sapphire orbs would shift to the soundless clock on the wall, watching the second hand jump from line to line. Counting off the endless seconds … Continue reading Waiting by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

I Saw You Today by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

“I saw you today in the crowds that poured forth from tall concrete buildings, their thoughts on seeing and being seen at local watering holes. I saw you today and your face was half turned from me, the autumn sun falling across your profile, casting shadows on cheekbones I remember so well. I saw you today, hair lifting lightly in the breeze, hand slightly raised … Continue reading I Saw You Today by Elizabeth Horton-Newton