“The Amulet: An Electric Eclectic Book” By Paul White

The Amulet
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I’m a big fan of Paul White’s writing. It’s imaginative and quirky, sometimes terrifying, sometimes humorous, sometimes both simultaneously. I particularly enjoy his novelettes through Electric Eclectic. His writing is sharp and concise while containing all the elements of an enjoyable tale well-told. The Amulet: An Electric Eclectic Book is all that and more.

White introduces us to protagonist Mark on the first page. Along with Mark, we are introduced to the medallion. There can be no question this piece of metal is going to play an important part in Mark’s day. Would this coin bless him or curse him? Would it transport him to another dimension? Or would it, like a genie in a bottle, grant him three wishes after a good polishing? Before answering these questions, White fills the reader in on what has recently occurred in his life.

Mark’s wife Maria left him when he was laid off from his job, she learned she couldn’t have children which devastated her and, he is about to lose the home he shared with her. Currently working a menial job as a restroom attendant, a job well beneath his abilities.

This is a tale of possibilities and answered prayers. Are there consequences? I’ll leave that for you to find out. It’s a well-written story with a satisfying conclusion. I look forward to many more books by this fine writer.


Marks life was on a downward spiral and he was wondering if it was worth carrying on.
On the way home one evening he found a small metal object in the grass.
That is when strange things started to happen.
Join Mark as his life changes in this ‘feel good’ tale of ancient magic in the modern world.

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