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Summer is rapidly drawing to a close. In Knoxville, Tennessee school will be starting back up on the 8th of August. That doesn’t leave much time to complete that summer reading challenge. Some cities and states don’t begin until after Labor Day, which gives those lucky folks some more time to enjoy the bliss of lounging by the pool, on the beach, or in the garden with a great read. I have a few recommendations for those of you still looking for a book to carry you away to uncharted territories.

Larcombe Manor by Ted Tayler is the final installment in the Olympus Project/Phoenix series. If you’re a follower of my reviews, you will know I have read every book, following Phoenix and the vigilante group he is part of. If you are also a fan, this is it. Be prepared. Tayler lets it all hang out in this intense finale. If you’ve never picked up one of Tayler’s books, get to it. You can get Books 1-4 in a set for only $2.99 US.

This is the box set collection of The Phoenix Series – Books 1 – 4. Page after page of thrills and adventure; good versus evil, and a protagonist with a past that grabs and keeps your attention
Ted Tayler brings you: –
The Olympus Project
A man rescued from a watery grave by strangers. Headhunted because of his particular skill set; that of a super efficient stone cold killer. This series covers the activities of a secret organisation which recruited the man they have named ‘The Phoenix’ as they send their agents across the world removing anyone who poses a threat to political or economic stability.
We follow ‘The Phoenix’ as he exacts revenge and rights wrongs in his own inimitable style. Always a loner in the past, can he and his new colleagues work together as a team to prevent a terrorist cell from causing havoc in Central London?
“fast-paced, back to back, page-turning action”

“dynamic characters, intricate plots, action-packed and sexy!”

Olympus 12
Ted Tayler on Amazon

If fantasy is more your taste, C.A. Sanders has a follow up to his “Watchmage of Old New York available for pre-order with a release date of August 15th. I was fortunate enough to read an ARC of the amazing, well-written “Cold Iron”. I have already pre-ordered a copy to keep and re-read.

It is 1856, and New York is burning.

“When a series of devastating fires tear through Manhattan, Nathaniel Hood, Watchmage of New York, finds himself battling against a weapon beyond even his considerable power. Both Nathaniel and his police detective son, Jonas, scramble to catch the culprit, only to uncover a deep conspiracy mired in fanatical politics, greed, and a blood-soaked grudge. Is it a rebellion of Veil Dwellers, supernatural creatures trapped in our world and under Nathaniel’s charge? Is it renegade magelings seeking power beyond their control? Or is it something altogether different, unknown, and far more deadly?

Cold Iron is the sequel to the award-winning novel, The Watchmage of Old New York. The price of failure is higher, and the moral choices for both Nathaniel and Jonas threaten to change both them and the city forever. New York is as cruel and unyielding as iron bars, but in the Watchmage’s world, even iron can burn.”

I recommend reading The Watchmage first, simply because it is such a pleasure. And, let’s face it, once you read one, you will be compelled to read the other.

Cold Iron
Available on Amazon


Available on Amazon










Last, but not least, you might enjoy my latest thriller, “Stolen Gypsy”. It’s now in paperback as well as on Kindle. Of course, it has some romance, a lot of action, and a mystery. One of my readers’ says it’s the best thing I’ve written. I’d love to hear what you think.

fortune teller

Whatever you choose to read, be sure to leave a review. Authors, especially we “indies”, need reviews. Your voices tell us what we got right, what we got wrong, and what you’d like to read next.

Before summer gets away, I’m off to peruse my Kindle, where there are still a multitude of stories begging to be next on my list. Happy reading!

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