Geoff Nelder- Guest Blogger

Science fiction is not an easy genre for a writer. These writer’s need to think way outside of the box. Geoff Nelder has managed to leave the box behind with his trilogy of “ARIA” tales. Beginning with “ARIA: Left Luggage”, the book where Alien Retrograde Infectious Amnesia is introduced, Nelder sets the stage for a frightening concept. What would happen if the Earth was infected … Continue reading Geoff Nelder- Guest Blogger

Charlie Flowers and His Alter Ego Riz Sabir

Charlie Flowers is as much an enigma as his creation Riz Sabir. His author page on tells very little about the creator of the series of books that bring more firepower to print than destroyed Dresden during WWII. Sabir along with his ever faithful girl gang, The Black Eye Girls, led by his significant other, the tough as nails Holly (Bang-Bang) Kirpachi slice up, … Continue reading Charlie Flowers and His Alter Ego Riz Sabir

Indie Author Interview – Wolf Schimanski

My first Indie Author Interview is with Wolf Schimanski author of “Meter of Deception” and “Meter of Corruption” the first two books in a series of three. The stories center on four friends who live in Toronto, Jon-Erik, Joey, Angel, and Tina along with an assortment of good guys and villains. Filled with action, these books are an homage to his literary heroes. Good evening … Continue reading Indie Author Interview – Wolf Schimanski