“Operation Snowdrop” by Michelle Medhat

   I love a book with action and romance and Operation Snowdrop by Michelle Medhat more than fulfills what I look for. With a storyline that could be a current headline, Medhat leads her reader through a top-secret assignment. From the first page, I was drawn into this intense tale. Anti-terrorism agent Matthew Kinley of MI6, British Secret Intelligence, is part of a team that … Continue reading “Operation Snowdrop” by Michelle Medhat

“London Calling: A Deep Water Novel ” by Rocky Rochford

Buy Here I knew I wanted to read this book as soon as I read the blurb. The premise is absolutely brilliant. With the British Prime Minister kidnapped and the Deputy Prime Minister murdered by terrorists the book starts off with a bang. Well actually, it doesn’t. Instead the beginning is intriguing and I found myself wondering what was going on. Little by little the … Continue reading “London Calling: A Deep Water Novel ” by Rocky Rochford

Charlie Flowers and His Alter Ego Riz Sabir

Charlie Flowers is as much an enigma as his creation Riz Sabir. His author page on Amazon.com tells very little about the creator of the series of books that bring more firepower to print than destroyed Dresden during WWII. Sabir along with his ever faithful girl gang, The Black Eye Girls, led by his significant other, the tough as nails Holly (Bang-Bang) Kirpachi slice up, … Continue reading Charlie Flowers and His Alter Ego Riz Sabir

Where Was the US Leadership?

The world has been stunned by the horrifying terrorist activity in France last week. Seventeen people were killed in attacks on the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo and a Kosher supermarket in Paris. Universal response has been loud and clear, we all stand with Charlie Hebdo as well as the Jewish citizens of Paris. When any nation is attacked world leaders speak out against the violence … Continue reading Where Was the US Leadership?