Indie Author Interview – Wolf Schimanski

My first Indie Author Interview is with Wolf Schimanski author of “Meter of Deception” and “Meter of Corruption” the first two books in a series of three. The stories center on four friends who live in Toronto, Jon-Erik, Joey, Angel, and Tina along with an assortment of good guys and villains. Filled with action, these books are an homage to his literary heroes.

Good evening Wolf. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about you and your books.
What is the title of your latest book?
The current book I am promoting is called “Meter of Corruption” and is the second book of a trilogy of three involving 4 friends who get caught up in danger and intrigue way beyond what they could ever imagine. I am working on the third and final book of the series now and its title will be “Meter of Redemption”.

What inspired you to write this book?
Really just to continue on from the initial book of the series “Meter of Deception”. There was so much more for the characters to experience and my readers and I really wanted to see where we could take them next and how they grew over the years.

Do you identify with any of your characters and in what way?
I certainly do in the sense I can feel what they are going through. And some traits these characters have are certainly things people I know or I personally have experienced…to a much lesser degree of course.

Have you been inspired by any other writers?
Absolutely. The masters of my Action/Thriller genre such as James Patterson, John Sandford, Greg Iles, the late and great Robert B. Parker, Stephen King , John Grisham and a host of others. In a way my books pay tribute to the groundwork they laid and I promote their work every chance I get.

What is your process for writing? Do you dedicate a certain amount of hours daily? Do you go from beginning to end or just write in a non-linear fashion?
I just write when I am inspired to. Lately I have been reviewing a lot of books for other authors and I am now making a conscious effort to ensure I work on my own stuff as well rather than just doing work for others. I write best in the day time, evenings I just kick back with a good movie or novel which help inspire my work.

What is your favorite book and why?
Probably one of James Patterson’s earlier works called “Kiss the Girls”. It was filled with so much suspense, action, intrigue that it gripped me from start to finish and I kept looking for more of that. This book was made into an incredible movie with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd retaining all the elements that made this book the incredible read it was.

If you could make one of your books into a movie, which one would you choose and who would portray the main characters?
Interesting question as my readers and some reviewers have indicated my “Meter” books would make great movies as they have all the elements to keep a movie going audience jumping in their seats. The second book “Meter of Corruption” would definitely make the best movie as it has all the elements of the first one with the action, adventure, exotic locations and even more scintillating plot. As far as the main characters go, I would think it would be unknowns maybe with one or two veteran actors thrown in just for credibility to the project. It would be a real challenge to find someone to play Mikhail because he is so unique, sinister and skillful.

What is the most difficult part in writing a book?
The discipline you need to see the project through to completion as well as the editing work that is never ending after the book is finished.

Do you read your reviews and how do they affect you?
Yes I do and so far the reviews I have received have been terrific and I am nothing but grateful that the reviewers took the time to acquire, read, review and obviously enjoy my books.

Do you have any special steps or superstitions you follow when writing?
Not really. Everything is developed from one main concept and then I give the characters free rein to take the book to where they want to take it. I always try to put myself in my reader’s shoes and ask myself where would they like me to take things next as well as ensuring they’ll want to keep turning those pages.

What makes a good book?
From the obvious well thought out storyline, interesting and unique characters to the opportunity for the reader to learn or find out something they did not know. If the author created something that takes the reader out of their everyday routine and transports them to a place that is stimulating, exciting and maybe totally out of their comfort zone where they can actually see themselves as being part of the plot, that has all the makings of a good if not great book.

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