Love Is In the Air: Erotic Fiction

Taken By The Huntsman (Spellbound Hearts Book 1) by Mistral Dawn Erotic fiction has become a popular category in books recently. Taken by the Huntsman by Mistral Dawn presents an even more interesting sub-genre, erotic fantasy fiction. In her first book of the Spellbound Hearts series she blends the magical world of Fairie and the creatures who live there with the sensuality and romance of … Continue reading Love Is In the Air: Erotic Fiction

Love Is In the Air

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. In the spirit of the month that celebrates love and romance I decided it might be fun to make lists of my favorite romantic books and movies. Of course there are different types of romances; thriller romances, historical romances, young adult romances, mature romances, fantasy romances, and even erotic romances. Although my personal genre is romantic thriller my favorite romance … Continue reading Love Is In the Air

Review of “Awethology Light” & “Awethology Dark”

Honored to have my short story “April Showers”, part of the Awethors Dark Awethology, recognized in this excellent review. I was thrilled to have my story included with these other wonderful authors. “My favorites here would have to be “Pennies from Heaven” and “The Lost Sheperd – A Short Reacher Story” (which made me want to read more of this author’s world immediately) and “April … Continue reading Review of “Awethology Light” & “Awethology Dark”

“Goods By Hand” by Robyn Cain

Goods by Hand is an exquisite blend of sweet romance, flavored with paranormal mysteries, and spiced with psychological terror that kept me reading well past my bedtime. A mesmerizing array of characters revolves around the central character of Mina, a woman whose relationship difficulties virtually tear apart the lives of her friends. A writer who is controlled by her psychologically abusive husband, Mina begins as … Continue reading “Goods By Hand” by Robyn Cain

My 2015 Top Indie Book Picks

I have read an amazing number of indie books this year. When I looked back at my reviews I was surprised. The realization I had read so many started me thinking about the ones I remembered. I decided to make a list of the ones I liked the most. You will probably notice a paucity of “romance” novels. This may puzzle you since the books … Continue reading My 2015 Top Indie Book Picks

“A Fine Balance” by Robyn Cain

A Fine Balance by Robyn Cain My rating: 4 of 5 stars From the first chapter Robyn Cain sets the tone for a story of corporate intrigue and cold blooded greed. With a fine hand, Cain weaves the characters lives together, carefully creating connections that are not always apparent at first glance. The most delightful of these characters are Jenny and Matt, poor employee and … Continue reading “A Fine Balance” by Robyn Cain

Jackie Parry – Guest Blogger: Not Just Another Horse Tale

Donating To Charity – It’s Win/Win For You! I don’t know about you, but when I hear people raising money for charity I develop a mixed jumble of emotions. Announcement First up, let me say: for 99 cents/pence you can purchase a wonderful ebook (“hauntingly beautiful”) and I will donate 50% to charity…. please do read on…. Over the years I’ve given to cancer research, … Continue reading Jackie Parry – Guest Blogger: Not Just Another Horse Tale

An Interview with Author Michelle Medhat

Michelle Medhat, author of “Connected: The Call and The Shift” was kind enough to consent to an interview for “Between the Beats”. Michelle is as complex as her books; brilliant and articulate she shares her thoughts freely. To say she is an interesting woman would be trite. Her motivation for writing her books is not what you might expect. It is with great pleasure I … Continue reading An Interview with Author Michelle Medhat

“Planet Purgatory” by Benedict Martin A 5-Star Read!

Planet Purgatory by Benedict Martin My rating: 5 of 5 stars “Planet Purgatory” by Benedict Martin is filled with colorful characters that leap off the page even when you wish they wouldn’t. Chief protagonist David Eno is a character I alternately hated and loved. Sometimes I found him so frustrating I wanted to scream at him. At other times I wanted to put my arms … Continue reading “Planet Purgatory” by Benedict Martin A 5-Star Read!

Ted Tayler, Author- Guest Blogger

My Guest Blogger is author Ted Tayler. He has just released the second book in his Olympus Project series. I had the opportunity to read and review “Gold, Silver, and Bombs”; it’s a compelling work of fiction set against the backdrop of the 2012 London Olympics. The primary protagonist, Colin Bailey, aka “The Phoenix”, continues to evolve in his role working for the Olympus Project. … Continue reading Ted Tayler, Author- Guest Blogger