I Saw You Today by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

“I saw you today in the crowds that poured forth from tall concrete buildings,

their thoughts on seeing and being seen at local watering holes.

I saw you today and your face was half turned from me,

the autumn sun falling across your profile,

casting shadows on cheekbones I remember so well.

I saw you today, hair lifting lightly in the breeze,

hand slightly raised to brush it back into place.

I saw you today, uncertain smile on your full lips, glistening and parted.

I could taste those lips, smell that sweet breath

that blew warm and moist across my own.

I saw you today.

Risen from the grave of my memory,

walking through downtown crowds,

confidently shy.

How is it possible that I saw you today

when you are hundreds of miles away in body

and galaxies away in spirit?”

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