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Carved Wooden Heart


Elizabeth Horton-Newton &Starla Hartless


 Amazon Kindle   March 17th – March 19th



“A sexy encounter with a talented native artist, a broken heart, and a knight in shining armor are just the beginning in this passionate romance. Dani Stone never expected to fall in love with carver Jesse Wolf Carver. She certainly didn’t foresee the results of her intense one night stand with the sexy hunk. From the wealth of New York City to the southern city of Knoxville, Tennessee, follow Dani as she journeys the winding path fate has laid out for her. Will she ever forget Jesse and the passion she felt in his arms? Can any man replace him in her heart? And most importantly, will her secret be revealed? This is a story of passion, love, loss, and courage.”





I loved this intimate story. From the very first page I was pulled into this beautiful powerful romance.
The unique nature of Jesse’s work and the incredible attraction between the two lovers were elements
that kept me turning pages well into the night. I look forward to more from Ms. Elizabeth Horton-Newton.

Great new novel from Elizabeth Horton-Newton! Follow Dani as she meet mysterious and sexy artist Jesse, then loses touch with him. By the time they meet again, fate has taken her along a dramatically different path, and her life — full of new people, love and tragedy, makes her into a different person from the girl he once knew. Dani needs to make critical choices about love and family, not just for herself, but for the ones she holds most dear. I love that Elizabeth included details about Native American traditional carving! I was fascinated to learn about it.


Not only is Jesse Native American, he’s a relatable character, which means he’s gorgeous, flawed, and makes the ups and downs that he goes through and is put through so believable. Poor Dani finds her true love then loses him, and life slips slowly downhill from there as she goes from one trial to the next until she’s back where she should have always been. A long read but it wasn’t long enough. I hated for the story to end. Great job, ladies. Book 2 anyone?

Carved Wooden Heart is a mixture of high octane romance and a twisty adventure that will keep you up at night wondering how the characters will all evolve. Having already read Riddle and View From The Sixth Floor, I knew Horton-Newton’s work very well. In collaboration with Starla Hartless, an author I wasn’t familiar with, I was glad to find the voice kept up with the traditional clipped pace I was used to.

Erotic romance is not a genre on my regular radar but I found this book to be suspenseful and humorous and very well written. Dani is a character you will want to root for. A mixture of naivety and passion at the outset, she quickly learns that the steely hearted man she has fallen for is not quite your traditional Romeo. The reader gets glimpses of his armored heart with hints of extraordinary charisma that provides a knot of tension throughout the book. But any coping mechanism Dani hopes to achieve gets swiftly tossed out of the window as Jesse takes her on another rollercoaster ride of emotions.

I must say, Dani is hard to outmaneuver and that’s what I like about her. She’s ready to accept the consequences of her actions even though she is relentlessly in pursuit of love. There are a few scenes of graphic intimacy which will convey a reader fairly rapidly to steamsville and many twists in the trail leaving her better equipped to deal with the next hurdle. And she does it all with such panache.The characters are intriguing and cleverly individual, from Doug the savior to Dani’s parents, all the way down to a very believable and lovable boy called Dylan.


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