“Crimson Dreams” by Georgiana Fields

crimson dreams
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             Crimson Dreams is not your usual romance. In fact, it is not your usual vampire, time travel story. Georgiana Fields has creatively blended a variety of genres to present a book loaded with love, tension, sensuality, and surprises. Beginning with widow Rose Kelley in modern day America and carrying the heroine back through time to Victorian England, Fields captures and holds her reader’s attention.

Rose is a “restoration expert”; someone who can restore Victorian homes to their past glory. When the company she works for collapses due to bad management she is offered a position in England. Hesitant at first, she agrees to travel with Vaughn Madoc to view his home, which is in desperate need of restoration.  During her exploration of the house, she is mysteriously thrust back in time. However, once she finds herself in the past she comes face to face with a Victorian version of Madoc.

As she adjusts to the customs of the past she falls in love with her host. But Madoc has a secret he fears will be an impediment to their love; he is a Dhampir, a type of vampire. Little by little Rose is swept up in the mysteries of the past. Madoc is assisting Scotland Yard investigating Jack the Ripper-type murders. However, all the victims have some connection to the sexy Madoc.

As the story progresses more characters are introduced; shapeshifters, Dhampirs, and a serial killer with vengeance in his heart.

This is a well-paced book. Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all the characters, but the story evolves smoothly as the mystery is unraveled. The romance between Rose and Vaughn is intense and sensual. Fields provides good twists and turns to keep the reader engaged throughout.

This is definitely a fascinating book with a satisfying conclusion. The main characters are compelling and vibrant. Rose is not a virginal, young woman and Vaughn is an oversized imperfect hero. There were a few typos and misspellings but they in no way affected the flow of the story.


georgiana fields
Georgiana Fields, Author


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