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New Releases

Lap of the Gods
Amazon New Release
2 books Phoenix
2-Books for .99 cents on Amazon


phoenix 3
99 cents on Amazon
Night Eyes
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Mistral Rainbow
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TTales freebie
FREE! E-Book Download (Limited Time)
The bottle came back across the other side of her head and broke, the slivers of glass looking like a cloud of crystals in the speckled sunlight that danced through the leaves. “Why-” Gaunt asked again as Cindy staggered
Elizabeth Horton-Newton-Amazon Author Page








Nelder meteor
Geoff Nelder-Amazon Author Page
Glen Barrera-Amazon Page
TT Weather Newton
Neil Douglas Newton-Amazon Page
-Scruffy was never a problem on walks and easily came to ‘heel’ when told-
Robyn Cain-Amazon Author Page
-I was stunned. That fortune teller was no charlatan.-
Mark Fine-Amazon Author Page


Gems Strength
Gems of Strength-An Anthology


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