An open letter to Kayleigh McEnany. Re: Trump

This is an insightful look at the present political climate in the United States.

Where the buck stops

Neil Newton: Author of “The Railroad” on Amazon


This blog will, of course, sound like partisan bellyaching. That is all we can see these days. But there are some underlying realities that transcend political realities. Ignoring these moral values is done at great risk to our nation and our sanity, not to mention the risk to future generations.

Politics has become its own rationale, something that has been driven home time and time again. We all have come to accept some slippage in our moral compass to make our system work. But the advent of Donald Trump as a candidate has changed the game for the worse. By way of explanation, I will point out that what necessitated this blog was one in a long line of CNN recaps featuring Kayleigh McEnany as a Trump surrogate. This particular evening the talking heads got into the inevitable Trump…

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