TWISTED TALES: 15 Literary Lies & Epic Yarns: Julian: The Rise Of The Prophecy by Lubna Sengul

L Sengul, Author

I’ve read Lubna Sengul’s Fantasy/Science Fiction book, The Danfian’s Prophecy, and was eager to read this further exploration of the Sofayans and Danfians. This short story in Twisted Tales is one of conflicts. Julian is torn between his two natures. The elusive Lilly tempts him with the reminder of the Sofayan need to feed on the spirits of humans. Julian’s parents discourage that, limiting him to the consumption of animal spirits. However the more time Julian spends with Lilly, the more his ancient Sofayan nature grows in power. Destined to someday be a king, Julian is beginning to feel the pull of power and when confronted by his mother he rebels. These beings are very sensitive and Julian’s mother is well aware that Lilly had visited Julian and questions him. It is obvious that “Mum” is aware of the danger Lilly presents and that she is trying to lead him away from his parents’ beliefs.

Julian’s response to his mother is much like that of a young man just beginning to feel the stirrings of adulthood. He is aware of the changes within him and around him and resents what he perceives as his mother’s over protective attitude. Torn between guilt and the hunger to know more about the future he dreams of, Julian struggles to stay on an even keel.

This is a story I wish was a little longer. It certainly piques the reader’s curiosity. What is the relationship between Lilly and Julian? Will he be able to resist the powerful hold Lilly exerts on him? Will his resentment for his mother cause a rift in the family that can’t be repaired?  Short enough to whet my appetite for more, I look forward to future books about the Sofayan’s, the Danfian’s, and their complex relationships.

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The Danfians Prophecy ( An Epic Scifi Fantasy Romance) by L. Sengul

Review: The Danfians Prophecy ( An Epic Scifi Fantasy Romance) by L. Sengul

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