The Danfians Prophecy ( An Epic Scifi Fantasy Romance) by L. Sengul

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This was an interesting combination of science fiction, fantasy, and romance. The first person narrative by the main character, twenty-one year old Chloe Rose, starts out as she watches a man she obviously finds attractive, although she is hiding from him. This certainly got my attention. The narrative then continues from the point of view of the young man, Alexander Cruz. Somehow he is aware that she is near by and it is apparent he is hunting for her. By the end of this segment of the story it’s obvious Chloe is no ordinary girl. It’s in the following chapter, Discovery, that she fills the reader in on the past six weeks of her life. Dramatic and life changing events occur for her and her  family and the action picks up. Suddenly Chloe’s Dad informs her he is a Danfian, a spirit from another world called Htera. She also learns that the Danfians have enemies called Sofayans who have also invaded Earth through a portal into Egypt. When Chloe’s mother was pregnant with her, a Sofayan named Ivan, attempted to feed on her by consuming her spirit. Although Chloe’s father was able to save them, part of Ivan’s spirit was consumed by her mother. Chloe is not only part human and Danfian, she is also part Sofayan. Just as she is assessing all this information a group of men in combat gear break into the house. When her brother Oliver and her mother are killed Chloe and her father go on the run. It is here we get to know the love interest, Alexander.

While I like the story very much, getting into it was difficult. A lot of information is presented early in the story and I had to go back and re-read some parts to clarify things that were happening. The relationship between Chloe and Alexander is interesting but the fact that as a hybrid Chloe has more powers than others is what makes the story exciting. A prophecy foretells that she will be the heroine to defeat the Ivan and Sofayans and save the Earth from destruction.

The writing is very simple although there are a lot of early details that can confuse the reader. It reads like a young adult novel but the complexity of the story is much more adult oriented. I do recommend it as a good sci-fi/fantasy read. It’s worth the small struggle through the beginning.

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