Love Is In the Air: Romantic Thrillers

I love romantic thrillers. Nothing gets me going like a good thriller with some love and even a little sexiness tossed in to steam things up. My list of romantic thrillers or even horror stories with love and romance tangled in is quite extensive. Unfortunately many of those are by well known published writers. They get plenty of publicity without my two cents. So here is my list of my favorite indie romantic thrillers.

goods by hand

Goods By Hand by Robyn Cain

I think this fascinating book by Robyn Cain might more correctly be called a thriller with some romance. I happen to love Robyn Cain’s writing. The first book of hers that I read was A Fine Balance, also a romantic thriller. From then on I was hooked. In fact, I have to resist the temptation to read straight through every one of her books. But let me get back to Goods By Hand. The story revolves around Mina and her relationship with Saffron Miller and her family. Mina is in an abusive marriage with a philandering and greedy husband, Richard. Without giving too much away let me say there is a lot more to Saffron than meets the eye. On the surface it appears she is a kindly woman who makes natural medicines for family and friends. She does much more than that. With the flavor of a witchy-voodoo story the tale winds its way through Mina’s life as she finds a new love. I love this book. I realize I will not be able to hold out much longer before jumping into the sequel, Footsteps of Galatea. I’ve included my full review of the book.

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big sky siren

Big Sky Siren by L.A. Ramirez

This is a riveting romantic thriller that literally kept me up all night. Keeva Ryan, owner of a café, and Detective Tony Salazar are thrown together when she observes a violent attack on a couple of teenagers. In a tightly woven who-done-it or, more correctly, who’s doing it, the intense development of the romance between Keeva and Tony brings a delightful fire to the story.  The characters are vibrant, the plot believable, and the story well written; all vital components in the making of a good read. There are some explicit sex scenes that made me sit up and take notice, leaving me quite breathless.  Ramirez has great skill in setting her scenes and holding her reader’s attention. I’m looking forward to more books from this 5-star author.

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The Railroad by Neil Douglas Newton

Yes, this is a book by my husband. He would not categorize it as a romantic thriller. I think it is very romantic and definitely a thriller. The story follows protagonist Mike Dobbs from his high profile Wall Street job in New York City through his experience on 9/11 when the World Trade Center is demolished. Dobbs retreats from society and is drawn into the shadowy world of the Underground Railroad, a group that assists women and children escaping domestic violence situations. Falling in love with a woman, Eileen Benoit, who is on the run with her daughter, he soon finds himself entangled in their lives. When she is forced to take her daughter Megan and go on the run, Mike is forced to let them leave. Mysterious things begin to happen, Eileen’s husband intimidates Dobbs, and other disappearances of abused women occur. Fearing what might have happened to Eileen and Megan, Dobbs sets out to find them and learn the truth. This is definitely suspenseful read. The romance even has its sexy moment. I confess to a love/hate relationship with the alcoholic Mike Dobbs, PTSD notwithstanding. The story has a solid plot and the journey along the winding paths culminates in a surprise ending.

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price of silence

The Price of Silence by Ulla Hakanson

This is a tense book about a romance gone badly wrong. Amy Robinson owns a hair salon in Vancouver, British Columbia. After the break-up of her relationship with fiancé, Tyler, she is persuaded by her cousin to go on a kayaking trip. Among the others in the group is a police detective, Ben Malik. Surprisingly she does not immediately fall in love with him. Instead she is called back to Vancouver before the trip is over. She is kidnapped by Tyler who is desperate for money to pay off the drug gang members who are pursuing him. Eventually Malik becomes part of the investigation. One thing leads to another and the detective and the hairdresser get together. The story has some violent parts and the thrills are well played. Hakanson’s characters are well developed and it’s easy to become invested in the story.

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