“The Price of Silence” by Ulla Hakanson

The Price of SilenceThe Price of Silence by Ulla Hakanson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amy Robinson is being stalked by her ex-fiancé Tyler but she has even bigger problems. In “The Price of Silence” by Ulla Hakanson, Amy finds the cost of keeping silent can be very high. While enjoying a kayaking trip with her cousin Willa in the remote part of British Columbia she makes new friends. Among her fellow kayakers is a police detective, Ben Malik, who develops an interest in pretty Amy. Before the trip is over Amy is drawn back to Vancouver and is soon embroiled in a dangerous dance of life and death with Tyler and the criminals who are pursuing him. As Amy struggles with hiding the truth of her abduction by Tyler from friends and family, she finds herself growing closer to Ben who has developed strong feelings for the frightened hairdresser. As Ben and Amy grow closer they face obstacles to their relationship, from the threats against Amy’s life to interference from her judgmental parents. Hakanson weaves her tale with skill, introducing characters and developing them into real life figures you either love or hate. Sometimes extremely violent and terrifying, this is a page turner that keeps the reader waiting for the next twist; a gritty story of organized crime, corruption, family turmoil, and growing love.

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