“Tales of the Fifth Guardian; Book One: The Beginning” by C. M. Johnson


About the Author



C.M. Johnson is a former teacher who lives with her husband in Tampa, Florida. As of the fall of 2013 she left education to pursue a degree in business while continuing her work on the Tales of the Fifth Guardian series.

Ms. Johnson has always been interested in mythology and the paranormal. Her Tales of the Fifth Guardian series brings those together by answering the question: What if the descendants of the survivors of Atlantis lived among us in modern times with all the power and abilities their ancestors were rumored to have?

Ms. Johnson theorizes that “Atlantis” was a corruption of the original name “Otland Iis” which she explains means “Otland Island” in the language of the People – Otlantesha. Ms. Johnson includes an ever increasing dictionary of Otlantesha, the language she has created for her characters, at the back of each volume.


Kerrisha Drew-Otlander (later Mermshire), is the main character and the Fifth Knowledge Guardian of the People of Otland Iis. She is also the rightful queen of two of the six clans of the people by right of birth. She has known she was to be the Guardian for a long time but now is the time to present herself to the People as such. The series follows Kerrisha through her struggles to be accepted and fulfill her destiny as the Guardian by reuniting the clans that have been warring for centuries. While it is classed as romantic fantasy there is a true story behind the romance, which often takes a backseat to the story itself and centers more on her relationships with the people the Power chooses to surround and support her. There are some VERY adult situations and it is meant for the adult audience but, there is also a reason behind even the most intimate scenes – It increases the strength of the links and bonds between Kerrisha and her protectors.


The descendants of the survivors of Otland Iis (Atlantis to the regular humans) live among us in modern times with all the power of their ancestors. Knowledge is cherished among the People and the Knowledge Guardians are born in times of change. What happens when the Guardians are reduced to myth and legend? Worse, the Fifth Guardian has now been born and even her own clan does not believe she is a Guardian.

Clan wars over the centuries have divided the People into two factions: The Triad Clans and The Lost Clans. They work against each other in battle and in staying hidden from the regular humans. This first book in the series follows Kerrisha Drew-Otlander through a series of struggles, battles, and even places the young Queen on trial for treason. She finds love and romance and begins to learn she is not as alone as she imagines.
Includes an Otlantesha dictionary with pronunciation key after the story.
Caution: Contains mature situations and recommended for readers 18+.

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