“I, Ripper” by Stephen Hunter – Brilliant Ripper Fiction

I, Ripper: A Novel by Stephen Hunter My rating: 5 of 5 stars There are a lot of books, both fiction and non-fiction, about Jack the Ripper. I have read many of them. “I, Ripper” by Stephen Hunter is possibly the best fictional look at Saucy Jack that I have ever read. The tale is creatively told through two diaries; the diary of “Jack” and … Continue reading “I, Ripper” by Stephen Hunter – Brilliant Ripper Fiction

WHAT BUGS YOU? – by Elizabeth H.N.

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So pleased to have a new guest here today, sharing what annoys her most in life today. Elizabeth Horton-Newton, author, family woman, social activist and multitasker is here to blow off some steam. What Bugs You By Elizabeth Horton Newton The question of what bugs me started me thinking. I thought it would be easy to come up with… Continue reading WHAT BUGS YOU? – by Elizabeth H.N.

Twitter Tips for Authors – Planning & Scheduling

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Like it or not, indie authors have to be  proactive in social media if they want potential readers to discover their books.  Twitter is one of the most popular avenues for getting the word out.  In this post I offer a few suggestions on how to manage your tweets and promote others at the same time. First, a Few Words about… Continue reading Twitter Tips for Authors – Planning & Scheduling

Stephen King’s Scariest Monster

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Stephen King needs no introduction. To date, the internationally bestselling author and writer most well-known synonymously with the horror genre and the ability to terrify readers the world over, has published 54 novels. Some of them have been more fantasy-based, some thrillers, others perhaps more mainstream fiction, yet almost all of them have featured a monster, some strange fantastical creature or… Continue reading Stephen King’s Scariest Monster

“Planet Purgatory” by Benedict Martin A 5-Star Read!

Planet Purgatory by Benedict Martin My rating: 5 of 5 stars “Planet Purgatory” by Benedict Martin is filled with colorful characters that leap off the page even when you wish they wouldn’t. Chief protagonist David Eno is a character I alternately hated and loved. Sometimes I found him so frustrating I wanted to scream at him. At other times I wanted to put my arms … Continue reading “Planet Purgatory” by Benedict Martin A 5-Star Read!

Geoff Nelder- Guest Blogger

Science fiction is not an easy genre for a writer. These writer’s need to think way outside of the box. Geoff Nelder has managed to leave the box behind with his trilogy of “ARIA” tales. Beginning with “ARIA: Left Luggage”, the book where Alien Retrograde Infectious Amnesia is introduced, Nelder sets the stage for a frightening concept. What would happen if the Earth was infected … Continue reading Geoff Nelder- Guest Blogger

The Call

Somewhere far away I heard the buzzing of my cell phone. My hand fumbled on the night table, fingers stretching to stop the noise. Beside me my husband groaned. Lifting the phone I squinted at the glowing screen. “Unknown Caller” stared back at me. “What the hell?” I muttered. I was ready to give someone a piece of my mind. An unrecognizable voice said, “There … Continue reading The Call