Twitter Tips for Authors – Planning & Scheduling

This is a great piece of advice for writers. I make a point of retweeting for those who retweet for me. Following? I will follow back. Not only do I review other indie writers, I make sure those reviews get as much attention as my own reviews do. Indie writers are a great group. We help each other. After all we don’t have big publishing houses doing PR for us.

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Like it or not, indie authors have to be  proactive in social media if they want potential readers to discover their books.  Twitter is one of the most popular avenues for getting the word out.  In this post I offer a few suggestions on how to manage your tweets and promote others at the same time.

First, a Few Words about Tweeting in General
Obviously, you want to tweet about your masterpiece and you hope that others will retweet for you.  But your Twitter feed should not be all about you and your book.  Tweet about stuff that interests you and might interest your followers as well – for example, writing tips (from someone else’s blog) or  your reviews of someone else’s great book.  Retweet others when they post interesting and relevant tweets.  Reciprocate retweets whenever possible – think of it as a team effort.

Making a Tweet Roster
In Microsoft Word or…

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