Geoff Nelder- Guest Blogger

Science fiction is not an easy genre for a writer. These writer’s need to think way outside of the box. Geoff Nelder has managed to leave the box behind with his trilogy of “ARIA” tales. Beginning with “ARIA: Left Luggage”, the book where Alien Retrograde Infectious Amnesia is introduced, Nelder sets the stage for a frightening concept. What would happen if the Earth was infected … Continue reading Geoff Nelder- Guest Blogger

The Call

Somewhere far away I heard the buzzing of my cell phone. My hand fumbled on the night table, fingers stretching to stop the noise. Beside me my husband groaned. Lifting the phone I squinted at the glowing screen. “Unknown Caller” stared back at me. “What the hell?” I muttered. I was ready to give someone a piece of my mind. An unrecognizable voice said, “There … Continue reading The Call