Millie and Cupcake by Mildred Potash

cupcake cover

What is the title of your latest book?
Millie and Cupcake
What inspired you to write this book?
The love of my pet rat Cupcake.
potash & Cupcake
What ages is this book suitable for?
It is suitable for ages 1 – 11
How soon do you think parents should start reading to their children?
I think it would be great to read as a bedtime story or during the day.
Do you identify with any of your characters and in what way?
I do identify with Millie because I am also shy.
What was your favorite book as a child?
My favorite childhood book was “The Little Engine That Could.” And “The Poky Little Puppy.”
Who is your favorite children’s book author?
My favorite children’s book authors were Stan and Jan Berenstain, and Richard Mcclure Scarry.
Potash and rats
Did you have a pet as a child?
My step -brother had a dog Amanda. I had different kinds of pets as I got older.
What made you decide to give Millie a rat as a pet?
I thought it would be different. Authors usually use hamsters or mice as pets in their stories.
How did you decide to name the rat Cupcake?
My pet rat was named Cupcake. I wanted to use her as the character. I forgot how I came up with naming my pet rat. The name just fit her.
Would you like to share a little about your next project?
The second story which is being published; is about finding homes for Cupcake’s babies.
What is your favorite book and why?
I loved reading the little golden books as a child. My favorite book is the “poky little puppy” and the Disney books. I love Disney and I love how these stories are put together.
If you could make one of your books into a movie, which one would you choose and who would portray the main characters?
I would use “Millie and Cupcake” for a movie. I’m not sure who I would portray, I would have to have auditions to see who is the best fit.
What is the most difficult part in writing a book?
At the beginning I had writer’s block, and then the rest of my story came to me in a dream.
Do you read your reviews and how do they affect you?
Yes, I received great reviews and it made me happy that kids and even parents loved the story.
What makes a good book?
It all depends; mine are cute stories that give kids good messages.
When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I did not plan to write at all. It all happened when I had a dream and I told myself this can be a story and so I decided to write and put it all together.
If you could describe your writing style in one sentence what would you say?
What is the last book you read and why did you choose to read it?
I am reading, “You Can Begin Again” by Joyce Meyers. I love Joyce Meyer’s books, she inspires me.

About the Author
mildred potash self
Mildred Potash was born in Brooklyn, New York. She has always been an animal lover. Her very first pets were two rats, and during her life she has enjoyed the companionship of hamsters, guinea pigs, two ferrets, a cat, and dogs. Mildred is an outspoken advocate for animal rights, and her appreciation of the superb qualities of rats inspired her to write this book. Mildred currently lives in Bay Ridge.
Amazon Author Page:
“The Story of a Girl and Her Wonderful Pet! For many children, the experience of bonding with and loving a first pet is an unforgettable time in their lives. Millie and Cupcake is the charming and educational story of a girl and her companion animal … a different animal than many kids think of when choosing a pet. Cupcake is a rat, and readers will be enchanted as they learn what rats are really like: clean, loving, highly intelligent, trainable personalities who add immeasurable value to people’s lives. Follow along with Millie as she learns how to take care of her sociable, curious, and affectionate best friend.”

5-Stars “Brightened My Day” By Niyati Mavinkurve
5-Stars “What a delightful and adorable story!”By Robyn R.
5-Stars “If you have a young, or beginning reader, this is highly recommended” By Kat Caffee
Plus 15 more 5-Star Reviews!

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