“Play the Game: An Electric Eclectic Book” By Karen Mossman

I’ve enjoyed Karen Mossman’s writing in the past and when looking for a quick read was happy to pick up Play the Game: An Electric Eclectic Book. The blurb had aroused my curiosity; what was the main character, Stella, ashamed of? What odds were against her?             The story begins with Stella darting into a hotel because she’d missed her bus. She feels out of … Continue reading “Play the Game: An Electric Eclectic Book” By Karen Mossman

Larcombe Manor: The Phoenix Series – Book 12 by Ted Tayler

I’ve been an avid reader of Ted Tayler’s Phoenix Series since the beginning. With that being said, the final book in the series, Larcombe Manor, is heart breaking. Well written, with plenty of high stakes action, book twelve had me turning pages frantically. As the dedicated members of the Olympus Project continue their war with The Grid, led by Tyrone O’Riordan and his mother Colleen, … Continue reading Larcombe Manor: The Phoenix Series – Book 12 by Ted Tayler

Goodreads Giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway Carved Wooden Heart by Elizabeth Horton-Newton Giveaway ends July 24, 2017. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway     Excerpt Jesse had not moved. It was as though he was a magnet and I was irresistibly drawn to him. “Mr. Carver, how nice to see you.” His lip curled. “Really? Mr. Carver?” His eyes narrowed. I knew that look. It … Continue reading Goodreads Giveaway!

“The Fireman: A Novel” By Joe Hill

    In a post apocalyptic world where a plague unlike anything we’ve ever imagined spreads like wildfire, Joe Hill has a created a unique hero in The Fireman. As Hill develops a society that splits into diverse factions and collapses piecemeal, some figures step forward as leaders, good and bad. However, as is often true in real life, it is not the popular leader … Continue reading “The Fireman: A Novel” By Joe Hill

Brains to Books Blog Tour -Dexx Peay

Fast Facts Author: Dexx Peay (Pronounced P) Genre: Urban Fantasy Book: The Revealing from the The Chronicles of Fire and Ice series Official Site Bio Dexter PriceDexx was born in Germany, grew up in Tennessee, educated in Alabama, and now residing in Texas. As a child his imagination was forever running rampant, spending time with imaginary friends and getting lost in fantasy and mystery books. … Continue reading Brains to Books Blog Tour -Dexx Peay

Brain to Books Blog Tour – Alexandar Tomov

Fast Fact Alexandar Tomov Author: Александър Томов a.k.a. Alexandar Tomov, Jr. Genre: Absurd, dystopia, fantasy, fiction, post-apocalyptic, grotesque, and drama. Books: Beyond the Absurd Goodreads Author Page Bio Alexander Tomov Jr. was born on June 3, 1982 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He is freelance writer and film director who is looking for realization abroad. His work consists of short stories and short films. … Continue reading Brain to Books Blog Tour – Alexandar Tomov

Goodreads Book Giveaway!!

A psychological romantic thriller with more twists and turns than an amusement park roller coaster. Did an innocent young man serve time for a crime he didn’t commit? Is the new girl putting her life on the line by trusting him? Accidents are happening in Riddle? How many will die before the truth is revealed? Three signed copies will be given away. Opens for entries … Continue reading Goodreads Book Giveaway!!

“The Price of Silence” by Ulla Hakanson

The Price of Silence by Ulla Hakanson My rating: 5 of 5 stars Amy Robinson is being stalked by her ex-fiancé Tyler but she has even bigger problems. In “The Price of Silence” by Ulla Hakanson, Amy finds the cost of keeping silent can be very high. While enjoying a kayaking trip with her cousin Willa in the remote part of British Columbia she makes … Continue reading “The Price of Silence” by Ulla Hakanson

Goodreads Giveaway!

April 1, 2015 through April 15, 2015 enter to win a SIGNED copy of the re-edited and re-formatted romantic thriller “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale”. Three SIGNED copies of this re-edited and re-formatted 4.6 star romantic thriller. A fictional tale that asks what if. Why are strangers suddenly appearing in a sleepy North Carolina town? What do they have to do with … Continue reading Goodreads Giveaway!