“Connected: The Call” by Michelle Medhat

Connected: The CallConnected: The Call by Michelle Medhat
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In “Connected: The Call” by Michelle Medhat a new terror has arrived. Al Nadir has developed a new terrorist weapon that can change the world. Utilizing high tech methods Medhat skillfully uses language that actually makes sense even a novice can grasp. It’s obvious she did her research because the weapon proposed is believable with the advances in nano-technology. The frightening concepts get the reader thinking. While the complex relationships between Sam and Ellie Noor and Dr. Salim Al Douri and Dr. Sabena Sanantoni move the story along the other characters, from the US President to the British Prime Minister, also play vital parts in the plot. This is a fast paced thriller that is well handled by Medhat’s creative use of dating each short chapter with the date and time. Capturing the present day mood of government dishonesty and corruption it is easy to see her behind the scenes portrayals of politicians and their personal agendas. There is a lot more to this story than just techno terrorists and spies; there is the understory of government officials who will go to any lengths to conceal their more than shady activities. A rollercoaster ride with something for everyone “The Call” is a high tension read and part one of “The Connected”. I am definitely looking forward to “Connected: The Shift”. (There are a few typos but they do not in any way detract from this novel.)

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