“View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” Giveaway

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March 2015 is National Reading Month. In honor of this I have decided to do two giveaways. One is for those who have read my book “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale” and the other is for those who want to read the book.
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1) For those who have read the book and would like to have an autographed copy send me five of your favorite quotes from the book. Put them in the comments section along with your e-mail address and I will add your name to the jar. (Yes there will really be a jar! I will post photos as it fills.) The winner will be chosen at random and I will e-mail you for your address. Contest ends March 31, 2015 at midnight EST.


2) For those who have NOT read the book and would like to have either a signed copy or a Kindle copy send me five reasons you want to read this book. Put the reasons in the comment section of this post along with your e-mail address and I will add your name to a different jar. (Yes ANOTHER jar!) The winner will be chosen at random and I will e-mail you for your desired format and contact info. Contest ends March 31, 2015 at midnight EST.

Is there a catch? Yes and no. I would greatly appreciate your review of the book if you win. Obviously this is a request and I’m not asking for a contract signed in blood. Please keep in mind that indie writers rely on their reviews to get the word out about their books. Of course I am taking a chance here; you might not like my book. But I’m betting you will. It’s a real suspense filled thriller with just enough romance to tickle anyone’s fancy.

In order to whet your appetite I am adding an excerpt from the book.
Excerpt from “View From the Sixth Floor: An Oswald Tale”
“Olivia, I don’t want you to think I was snooping. Last night when I looked through your luggage for your pajamas I… why do you have a gun?”
That was certainly not a question I’d anticipated and I had to laugh “Oh that! George bought that for us years ago. Normally I keep it in a gun safe. With all the strange things that have been happening I was afraid someone might break in and steal it so I stuck it in my suitcase. It’s perfectly legal.”
Bill looked concerned. “So you have a permit to carry?”
That puzzled me. I knew we had a license and I brought it with me. I explained that to Bill but he still looked worried. “To be honest I’m not really comfortable with having it around and I wish you had mentioned it before we left. If we were stopped by the authorities for any reason and they found it there might be questions.”
I was very confused by his attitude. “But I can show them the license and explain why I brought it. They would understand. I mean seriously Bill, what would two old people do with a handgun, rob a bank?” I started to laugh but Bill’s expression had not changed and he went back into the kitchen. I watched as he started to make a pot of coffee trying to understand why something as silly as having a gun in my luggage was causing such a big problem.”

As an added persuasion here are excerpts of some of my reviews:
“What starts as a weird hybrid of middle-aged romance cum road trip, turns into a paranoid thriller in the style of The Parallax View, and gets faster and faster to a breathless denouement.”
“An exciting tale will keep you in suspense and not able to put the book down til last page!”
“It was a good read, put quite a different perspective on the events of that fateful day.”
“This is a well plotted story of suspense and intrigue…”
“I still found this story thought provoking…”
“This was a very clever tale filled with twists and turns that you think you are able to predict, but you somehow come up short each time.”
“I literally could not put the book down.”
“View from the sixth floor was an excellent book and hard to put down!! I loved all the what ifs it put in my head.”
“It’s a genre I wouldn’t normally go for, and the power of the writing here is good enough to make me feel like I’ve been missing out – an impressive accomplishment.”
“I would recommend this as a cozy but intelligent read, difficult to put down once started.”
“A well written. mysterious and original story that peaks the readers imagination as well as presenting a whole different slant on an age old mystery.”
“Amazing read!”
“A Novel Ripe with Life and the Question of What Might Have Been”
“I read the book in one day because the twists and turns in the story made it hard for me to put the book down!”
“This is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I just couldn’t put this one down!”
“A terrific read, and would make a great movie!”
“That’s what writing is all about–entertain me and keep me. She did it perfectly.”
“It grabbed me in the beginning with her smart prose and kept me reading until I couldn’t see the page and had to stop to rest my eyes.”
“I think you’ll find the book hard to put down after the first third. The length is just right and the climax suitably convoluted to satisfy, while the pacing toward the end never misses a beat.”
“The trip is thrilling and suspenseful, as reported above—a masterpiece.”




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