Justice Served?

On January 6, 2007 a young couple in East Tennessee was kidnapped. Channon Christian was just 21 years old and her boyfriend Christopher Newsome was 23 years old. They were carjacked by multiple assailants in an apartment complex parking lot where they had gone to visit friends. But that was just the beginning of the horrors they would endure over the following days. Taken to … Continue reading Justice Served?

Loss of Innocence

On November 24, 1963 the United States was recovering from the assassination of her 35th President, John F. Kennedy. Two days earlier he had been gunned down on Elm Street in Dallas as he rode in an open top limousine. A so-called sniper’s nest was located on the sixth floor of a building on the route. A man who was employed at the Texas School … Continue reading Loss of Innocence

Poisoned Saints by Ben Coulter

I just finished Poisoned Saints by Ben Coulter and I must say it was quite a roller coaster ride. For starters I’m an American and had no idea there was a drug problem in the UK. I loved the dialect and the conversations between the characters were certainly easy to follow in spite of the differences. I had to like the “bad boys” because, well, … Continue reading Poisoned Saints by Ben Coulter

Revival by Stephen King

Revival Stephen King has hit another home run with “Revival”. The story follows Jamie Morton’s relationship with Charles Jacobs. But the story is about much more than their friendship; the story is about other relationships as well. The families and friends of these characters are woven throughout the tale, each playing a role and setting down a stepping stone to the finale. Even when you … Continue reading Revival by Stephen King

The Frailty of Perception (The Asher Bloom Chronicles)

The Frailty Of Perception by Joey Rawlings My rating: 5 of 5 stars I rarely read fantasy novels and I am often disappointed with the stories. I was never disappointed with this book. “The Frailty of Perception” is aptly titled and having been introduced to Asher Bloom I am officially hooked. From the deftly created prologue to the glossary and the terminology of the devices … Continue reading The Frailty of Perception (The Asher Bloom Chronicles)