The Frailty of Perception (The Asher Bloom Chronicles)

The Frailty Of Perception (The Asher Bloom Chronicles, #1)The Frailty Of Perception by Joey Rawlings
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I rarely read fantasy novels and I am often disappointed with the stories. I was never disappointed with this book. “The Frailty of Perception” is aptly titled and having been introduced to Asher Bloom I am officially hooked. From the deftly created prologue to the glossary and the terminology of the devices Joey Rawlings draws the reader in and delivers his tale with skill. Asher Bloom is an amazing character; vibrant and realistic. That’s not an easy accomplishment in a fantasy story where characters are often beyond belief. But Asher has a flesh and blood appeal. I cared for him from the beginning. As each new character is introduced and the story develops I was drawn into the worlds created by Rawlings. The battles, the tragedies, and joys are overwhelming in a richly described landscape. As I followed Asher’s journey I often held my breath, fearful for his well being. Not only will fans of fantasy enjoy this book, anyone who appreciates life experiences will find it a rewarding read. I can’t wait for Joey Rawlings next offering.

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