Poisoned Saints by Ben Coulter

I just finished Poisoned Saints by Ben Coulter and I must say it was quite a roller coaster ride. For starters I’m an American and had no idea there was a drug problem in the UK. I loved the dialect and the conversations between the characters were certainly easy to follow in spite of the differences. I had to like the “bad boys” because, well, they are likeable anti-heroes. In fact I preferred Charlie and his mates to Detective Jack Cloud. As the detective hones in on Charlie Paccadillo I found myself rooting for Charlie who is suspected of killing one of his cocaine distributors. It’s a good story with a solid plot and if you like mysteries you’ll enjoy it. If you’re offended by swearing, drugs, and sex you probably won’t like it at all. I found the language and behavior made the story more real and fit in with the characters. (But I’m still amazed there are gangs and drug dealers in the UK.)


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