Murder on Bedford Island: Alex Trotter Mystery #1 Cheryl Peyton

While looking for an easy to read mystery, I came across the Alex Trotter series by Cheryl Peyton. Attracted by the main character’s career as a tour operator I chose the first book in the series, Murder on Bedford Island. I found the idea of a group of strangers vacationing at an old inn on an island with no cell phones appealing. There’s the flavor … Continue reading Murder on Bedford Island: Alex Trotter Mystery #1 Cheryl Peyton

Carnival vs. Norwegian … And the Winner Is…

As avid “cruisers,” my husband and I have cruised with the Carnival Cruise Line about every other year since 2003. In fact, we have cruised with Cruise Ship Freddie ten times. Reaching that tenth trip, my husband anticipated some sort of “reward” for our loyalty to the line. Instead, we received two plastic Carnival sun visors and a one-liter bottle of water. Hubby was NOT … Continue reading Carnival vs. Norwegian … And the Winner Is…

American Airlines

I just returned from an international flight from Knoxville, Tennessee to Barcelona, Spain and Athens/Piraeus, Greece to Knoxville, Tennessee. I don’t recall if I’ve ever traveled on American Airlines but we did fly with them on this trip. Let me begin by saying it is necessary for me to have a wheelchair when traveling. I have Multiple Sclerosis as well as several other conditions that … Continue reading American Airlines

Airline Contrasts -First Class Luxury

I was clearing out my e-mail this morning and found an amusing contrast in recently received messages. First there was a nifty ad from Cheapo Flights which I have used in the past to book flights. Right under that e-mail was my daily dose of Delicious, links to a variety of interesting articles online. I scrolled through the selections before coming across one that caught … Continue reading Airline Contrasts -First Class Luxury