Bruce Jenner Transgender

It’s somewhat sad when the biggest news of the day is that Bruce Jenner is transitioning to be a woman. It’s even sadder that I have chosen to blog about it. But here goes.
First off, this has been “confirmed” by an unnamed source according to People Magazine, something I always find questionable. And we are talking about People Magazine home of the Sexiest Man Alive issue. However, going along with the possibility the story is true, who really cares? Granted this takes “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to a whole new level and leaves me wondering if butt implants will be included with this dramatic change. Other than that, the photo of Bruce with long hair is possibly the most interesting part of the article. Umpteen other Hollywood reveal alls have jumped on the bandwagon. Articles also claim he is filming the whole shebang (she-bang??) for a docu-series. Yay. We get to watch step by painful step as a former Olympian transgenders. It seems at 65 years old he could make better use of his time. One can only assume the Kardashian’s are running low on residuals and he needs the cash.
Please don’t think I am belittling the seriousness of what Bruce Jenner is doing. I applaud him being who he is and taking steps to achieve his goal so late in life. I hope it all goes well for him since he is no spring chicken and surgery is, well, surgery. What I object to is the flashy story of the moment headline on my newsfeed when just a few short weeks ago we were all mourning the assassination of magazine writers in Paris. How quickly we forget there are men and women in the world who are suffering unimaginable horrors at the hands of terrorists, planes are dropping out of the sky, women and children are being beaten, and yes babies are starving.
Bruce Jenner is going to become a woman. Good for him and her. But let’s get onboard with what really matters to the world at large. While Jenner is changing his gender let’s see if we can find a way to change the important things. How about taking that $2.95 and giving it to an organization that feeds kids, helps the homeless, or some other worthy cause? At about $103.00 a year that could even be a lot of latte’s for the more self-involved.

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