“The 9th Hour” by CMT Stibbe

Set in colorful New Mexico, The 9th Hour successfully combines the intense investigation to find a serial killer before he strikes again with the inner workings of the killer’s mind. Into this mix comes a British born detective of African descent and a killer obsessed with Nordic mythology. Stibbe’s ability to bring these diverse elements together shows skilled writing. Her ability to do this effectively, … Continue reading “The 9th Hour” by CMT Stibbe

Claire Stibbe

Author Name:  Claire Stibbe Book Title:  The 9th Hour Genre and Sub-Genre:  Crime, Psychological Thriller, mystery Book Content Rating PG13 Author Bio Originally from England, Claire lived in Hong Kong for three years before eventually finding a second home in New Mexico, USA. Her genres include Historical Fiction and Crime. She has written two historical fiction novels, Chasing Pharaohs and The Fowler’s Snare, both set … Continue reading Claire Stibbe

April Showers (Part 3) by Elizabeth Newton

Going to school and working at the IGA afterward was not my idea of a fun time. We couldn’t live on Granny’s money from Grandpa’s pension alone. The house we lived in was not mortgaged but there were other bills. I confess I had a few things I liked to have. I liked going to the movies with my friends. Fast food was a weakness … Continue reading April Showers (Part 3) by Elizabeth Newton

“Monster of Florence” Douglas Preston

The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston My rating: 4 of 5 stars “The Monster of Florence” is the first non-fiction book I’ve read by Douglas Preston and it is nothing like his works of fiction. This book covers not only the serial murders that took place in Florence and near by but also examines the political atmosphere that influenced the investigation. While the story … Continue reading “Monster of Florence” Douglas Preston

“Bloodstains” by Jeff Mudgett

Bloodstains by Jeff Mudgett My rating: 4 of 5 stars “Bloodstains” by Jeff Mudgett is a disturbing account of the author’s discovery of his family history. After learning his great-great grandfather was America’s first acknowledged serial killer, H.H.Holmes, Mudgett begins to question what impact that relationship might have on his own life. Holmes, whose real name was Herman Webster Mudgett, confessed to the killings of … Continue reading “Bloodstains” by Jeff Mudgett

“Wallflower” by Carolyn McCray

Wallflower by Carolyn McCray My rating: 4 of 5 stars “Wallflower” by Carolyn McCray is definitely not for the squeamish! Once again Kent Harbinger is on the trail of a serial killer accompanied by his detective lover Nicole. As with the other Harbinger tales, Wallflower tracks the escalating horrors of a serial killer honing his craft. The plot for this story is great but unlike” … Continue reading “Wallflower” by Carolyn McCray

“Plain Jane” – Carolyn McCray

Plain Jane by Caroly McCray My rating: 5 of 5 stars Carolyn McCray has hit another one out of the park with her Harbinger series. “Plain Jane” is a combination of Sherlock Holmes meets Hannibal Lecter. Beginning with the short story “Anatomy”, the prequel to “Plain Jane” is a must read to truly appreciate the relationships of the characters. The characters are well developed and … Continue reading “Plain Jane” – Carolyn McCray