“Captive” by Colleen French

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As a fan of historical romance, I stumbled on this book by accident. While “Captive” by Collen French is not entirely accurate, it represents a basic picture of what America was like in the 18th century. The book portrays an interesting insight into the wars that were waged not only between invaders from across the sea but also between the native peoples of North America.

          Beginning with the Mohawk kidnapping of red-haired Tess and her cousin Jocelyn and their transport along the Susquehanna River, French takes the reader on a journey of war and love, courage and determination.

When Lenape brothers Raven and Takooko see the Mohawk canoes paddling the river they are relieved. The Mohawk were not friends of the Lenape and the brothers can head home to their village and assure the people they are safe from the raiders, at least temporarily However Raven is fascinated by the fire-haired Tess. As the brothers watch Tess dives from the canoe and swims for land, attempting to escape her captors.

What follows is a story of a woman’s determination to return to her people, her fiancé Myron, and to find her cousin Jocelyn who had been left behind by the Mohawk. Raven must come to grips with his growing desire for the young woman he views as strong and courageous. Torn by his guilt over occurrences and his feelings for Tess, his behavior is sometimes cruel.

While living in the Lenape village Tess learns there are great differences between the various native peoples. Soon she comes to love and respect the Lenape and to fall in love with Raven.

This is a sweet and action-filled historical romance. It’s a quick and easy read, with enough passion to keep things heating up nicely. The characters are well developed. The settings could be described a bit more but considering this is a love story about a couple from very different cultures it isn’t vital to the appreciation of the book.

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