A New Dawn: The Phoenix Series Book Six By Ted Tayler

    A New Dawn is the sixth book in this action filled series by Ted Tayler and it does not disappoint. The Olympus organization continues its vigilante activities and this time they have more than one target. As drug dealers target younger children and gangs seem to be uniting the group goes on the hunt. Behind the scenes a mysterious mastermind seeks to become … Continue reading A New Dawn: The Phoenix Series Book Six By Ted Tayler

“Magnolia Secrets” by Beth Hale

  Addressing the issue of domestic abuse is a challenge in fiction. Beth Hale handles the subject honestly in her romantic thriller “Magnolia Secrets”. From the first chapter in this compelling book I was firmly hooked.     The story revolves around Lainey Holley, her husband Chief of Police Evan Holley, and newly hired Officer Walker Bell. Beginning with a hot sexual encounter between Lainey … Continue reading “Magnolia Secrets” by Beth Hale

Poisoned Saints by Ben Coulter

I just finished Poisoned Saints by Ben Coulter and I must say it was quite a roller coaster ride. For starters I’m an American and had no idea there was a drug problem in the UK. I loved the dialect and the conversations between the characters were certainly easy to follow in spite of the differences. I had to like the “bad boys” because, well, … Continue reading Poisoned Saints by Ben Coulter