A New Dawn: The Phoenix Series Book Six By Ted Tayler



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A New Dawn is the sixth book in this action filled series by Ted Tayler and it does not disappoint. The Olympus organization continues its vigilante activities and this time they have more than one target. As drug dealers target younger children and gangs seem to be uniting the group goes on the hunt. Behind the scenes a mysterious mastermind seeks to become the head of this insidious snake. Meanwhile, several patients of a cosmetic surgeon turn up dead setting off alarms at Olympus headquarters. A little investigation leads them to the culprit but he has fled England for greener pastures in Ireland. As usual this doesn’t stop Phoenix from pursuing him. It’s then that these criminals and their crimes intersect.

Phoenix and Athena welcome their baby Hope and anticipate the arrival of Athena’s parents at Larcombe Manor. Surprises await the reader in this portion of the book and I don’t want to give anything away.

As in earlier books the team pursues criminals efficiently in spite of difficulties and setbacks. New members are introduced and challenges are faced. In addition Phoenix questions his commitment to field work now

that he is a father. The insights into the personal thoughts of this character always make the books more interesting. Tayler’s ability to give multiple dimensions to his characters gives his books a genuine slant. He works the relationships between his characters smoothly into his plots.

This book sets the stage for the next installment and has whetted my appetite for upcoming adventures. I highly recommend this book and this series.

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