“Kill Order” by Charlie Flowers

Kill Order (Riz #3)Kill Order by Charlie Flowers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Jack the Ripper meets a Bangladeshi Mafia. This is my favorite Riz Sabir adventure so far. Starting off with a state sanctioned terrorist attack on his wedding day, “Kill Order” by Charlie Flowers speeds forward with action that left me breathless. Happily, Holly (Bang Bang) and Riz tie the knot in an almost traditional ceremony. From there on the plot thickens like a delicious curry of violence and mystery. Working with the local police Riz, Bang Bang and the delightful Black eyes work as an efficient team to discover the identity of a wannabe Jack the Ripper in the community. Interspersed with the thrilling moments of shooting and bombing is the hilarious experience of watching Bang Bang in her professional entertainer mode and the touching moment little Daisy shares her Peppa Pig coloring with Riz. Amidst the fast paced action Riz’s love for his bride peeks through. In spite of his concerns for her, he allows her to be her own woman (as if anyone could stop Bang Bang) and that makes him an even more endearing character. Fuzz is back with her incomparable piloting skills oozing confidence. East London has never seen the likes of this and Springheel Jack is probably turning in his grave as the competition blows his series of killings into the wind. All in all this is an exciting and well written third step in the Riz and Bang Bang story with a conclusion that left me stunned. I’m hooked and looking forward to jumping into Book 4, feet first, locked and loaded, and ready for more action.

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