“Eye Of The Fire” (Coffee Cup Pulps Book 1) By Adam C. Mitchell

eye of the fire
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I love a good noir thriller and I’ve read several of author Adam C. Mitchell’s, so I was eager to see how he handled this action adventure. Set in the jungle Eye of the Fire is the first in his Coffee Cup Pulps. Once again Mitchell takes hold of a genre and runs with it.

            Mike and his wife Samantha fly to the jungle in Borneo with Mike’s native Dyak guide/friend, Rin, and Samantha’s uncle, Dr. Albert Stein, who wants to investigate the Arbor tribe to learn more about them. After effectively landing the seaplane, the group steps out into the jungle. Believing the Arbor are a peaceful tribe they are not too concerned about the adventure that lies ahead. It isn’t long before they learn more about the Arbor than they wanted. As Rin leads them through the jungle the action picks up. Dr. Stein believes the Arbor are a species of highly advanced apes, rather like a missing link between man and ape. Eager to prove his theory despite his age he is determined to make contact with the mysterious tribe.

It isn’t long until the adventurers find that the Arbor are far from the peaceful beings they hoped to encounter. Mitchell does a phenomenal job of developing both the atmosphere of the steamy jungle and the character of the Arbor. Integrating Rin’s background effectively explains the Dyak’s ability to navigate the jungle and to assist Mike in defending the group. Once Rin is separated from the group will he attempt to rescue them from being sacrificed or will he run for his life?

With the flavor of an old Tarzan film, Mitchell increases the tension until I was flipping pages at top speed. The denouement is breathtaking but I won’t give away any details. All I will say is hold onto your seat because you will be inclined to jump up!

Mitchell has once again spun a tale of unstoppable excitement. I look forward to the next book in this series.


“They expected adventure. The island didn’t disappoint.
When seasoned treasure hunter, Mike Gordon, and his party of unconventional adventurers travel to a breathtaking island hoping to discover a primitive tribe, their journey couldn’t have gone any smoother.
But the day after landing their seaplane, they are overrun by violent savages whose god is in need of a fresh sacrifice.
Can Mike’s team escape the treacherous island unharmed, or will this trip be their last adventure together?
If you’re a fan of Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler, and rip-roaring adventure novels, then one-click this riveting book today!”

ac mitchell

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