“Cat’s Meow” (Shig Sato Book 4) by Joseph Mark Brewer

cats meow
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The Shig Sato mysteries by Joseph Mark Brewer has been one of my favorite series for a few years. Cat’s Meow, the fourth book in the series has Sato, formerly a police inspector, now a private investigator, on the trail of a serial killer in Japan. As he investigates recent killings, he recalls one of the early investigations he was part of while still on the Tokyo police force. As he uncovers more clues, he is drawn further into connections between the two series of murders. Is there a connection between the early killings and the recent ones?

Sato is like a Japanese Sherlock Holmes. He follows clues like a modern-day profiler. Brewer lays out the crimes with detailed descriptions, giving the reader the same trail to track as the detective. The author’s knowledge and descriptions of Tokyo are so vivid I felt as though I could see the streets, the restaurants, and the clubs. His characters are vibrant, except for the dead ones.

I particularly like Brewer’s development of an arch enemy for Sato; a member of the very police force he used to work for! The friction is delicious. Not only does the detective want to solve the crimes, but he must also do so behind the back of an envious and vindictive nemesis.

Brilliant but down-to-earth, Sato can’t resist the call of investigations. Whether he is approached by a friend, a stranger in need, or one of the policemen who recognize his unique ability to unravel the twisted skeins of clues, Sato can’t say no.

This may be my favorite Shig Sato adventure so far. As always, I eagerly look forward to the next book.

“A serial killer striking terror in Tokyo.

A TV reporter determined to get the big story.

A young detective on the biggest case of his career.

And a man trapped by his demons, unable to break free from a cycle of death and destruction.

Get your copy of Cat’s Meow – and find out why reviewers say ‘This is how you write the perfect murder mystery set in Japan.”

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About Joseph Mark Brewer

Joseph Mark Brewer served in the U.S. Navy in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, which began a life of storytelling. He earned a journalism degree and embarked on a career that spanned four decades at publications in North America and Asia. He began writing fiction while in elementary school and some of his stories appear in short story anthologies. He is the author of five Shig Sato mysteries. He now makes his home in Austin, Texas. You’re invited to visit his website, Facebook author page, and follow him on Twitter. Send him an email sometime. He’d like to know your story.

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