Life After Men: A short story (The Silver Sex Kittens Book 1) by Karen Charlton and Jean Gill

life after men
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I confess I was attracted to this book by the title as well as one of the authors. I’ve read many of Jean Gill’s books and have loved every one. The title is quite provocative, and being of an older age myself I thought this would bode well for women up in years. I was not disappointed. It isn’t often a book will make me laugh out loud; this one had me guffawing.

            Karen Charlton and Jean Gill have created characters that are relatable and delightful. The women, Carys and Moira, are very different. These differences make their relationship work. Carys is the shy one, Moira is the independent side of the duo. Recently widowed, Carys is adjusting to life without her husband who passed away after having cancer. Moira is supportive of her friend.

In an effort to find something “adventurous” to do, Moira decides they should take up fishing. While Carys is a bit less enthusiastic, she agrees to give it a go. Their preparations for their first fishing trip are amusing enough. But, it’s the events surrounding the new hobby that left me gasping with laughter.  I don’t want to give anything away, but Cary’s tomato plants left me bent over.

Beyond the humor, there are touching moments in the story between Carys and her adult son. There’s a message here. There is life after men, but there is also life after fifty. Carys and Moira are inspiring, and I applaud the authors for keeping their characters real.

I eagerly look forward to more books in this series.

Karen Charlton

jean gill
Jean Gill on Amazon

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