“The Lost Angel” by Adam C. Mitchell

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I’ve read some of Adam Mitchell’s short stories and was eager to read a longer length novella. The Lost Angel did not disappoint. Mitchell captures the flavor of 1940’s noir and distributes throughout the book, never losing a beat from start to finish.

Eddie Kovakx is a down on his luck thief. One night he runs into an old adversary, Tony Santeeni, drunk and rowdy in a local watering hole. Tony held a grudge, although he been the instigator in their feud. When Tony raves on and on about his new job as a “doorman” at the newly opened and popular club, the Lost Angel. Owned by mob boss Victor Renetti the club is a prime target for a hit. Although it is a risky move, Eddie hooks up with an inside man. What follows is a classic noir drama.

Once the club has been hit, and Eddie makes off with a hefty amount of cash the action never stops. Through a series of moves, Eddie meets up with his late partner’s babe, Kimmie Saint Clair. Kimmie is a gorgeous dame, and Eddie is smitten with her. Soon the pair is off and running with boss Renetti’s goons hot on their trail. Managing to keep ahead of the gang, despite betrayal by some trusted pals, the couple soon comes under the eye of Private Investigator Jack Malone.

Here’s where things get interesting. Malone has been hired by Vic Renetti who is steaming after being ripped off. Malone is smooth and the ideal PI. This is the reader’s introduction to Jack Malone.  While Malone doesn’t have a lot of space in the book, he is a central character. The final confrontation is dynamite. Mitchell doesn’t hold back anything as he sets the PI and the gangster on a course of conflict.

If crime noir is your thing, you’ll love this book. The language, the settings, the descriptions of the characters are spot on. I look forward to more stories with Jack Malone being the good guy/bad guy. Good job Adam Mitchell. Keep those bullets flying!

P.S. The re-released “The Lost Angel” is currently free on Amazon. Go get it!

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