A Frequent Peal Of Bells: The Phoenix Series – Book 11 by Ted Tayler


peal of bells
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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Ted Tayler’s Phoenix series. The eleventh book in this action-packed series, A Frequent Peal of Bells, continues the conflict with the criminal organization, The Grid, as well as additional terrorist attacks across Britain. Tayler maintains his skill at focusing on current events and weaving them into tightly knit fictional tales that mimic real life occurrences worldwide.

If The Grid was violent under Hanigan’s control, Colleen and Tyrone O’Riordan have made it a blood thirsty and vicious organization. Their no holds barred goal of uniting all gangs and criminal groups in Britain under the rule of The Grid seem to be succeeding. Reports of high end robberies shake the country to the core and cause the public to rise up and demand action.

Add to the home grown illegal activity, the attacks by terrorists resulting in the deaths of hundreds and the destruction of rail lines, and Britain becomes a boiler about to explode. With little faith in the government, the citizens become angrier by the minute.

The vigilantes of The Olympus Project have their work cut out for them. Under the leadership of Athena and Phoenix, they attempt to deal with both elements, straining the group. When their secrecy is threatened by The Grid, the Project’s situation becomes critical.

Several of the personal stories which make the series realistic are tied up. Some of the conclusions are shocking; others are rewarding. Tayler’s ability to give his characters depth and substance is vital to the success of this series. Besides the technically brilliant military like action, there are the intimate lives of the men and women of the Project.

Book eleven of the series carries the adventures onward and sets the stage for the next, and possibly final, book. I both look forward to and dread the next book. Tayler has set the standard for suspense at the conclusion of each book, and with the touted end of the road, the wait is nail bitingly intense.

If you haven’t begun reading the series, get to it. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys action, crime, and a bit of romance to keep things realistic.

“The Islamist terror attacks resume, and the Grid wields its power with sustained bursts of criminal activity. Government resources are stretched to breaking point as cuts to security services and the police hamper their response.
Olympus agents, with the help of the Irregulars, try to help without revealing their involvement. They are unaware of the Grid’s plan to use a Trojan Horse to breach their security. What will become of the Project if that happened?
To balance the chaos generated by terror and organised crime, those living at Larcombe Manor have cause for celebration. There are both long-overdue, and surprise announcements. Orion makes a shocking discovery in his first task for Olympus. News that rocks the Project to the core.
Each page leads to the final chapter of the series, ‘Larcombe Manor’ ”

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