“A Cry in the Night: An Electric Eclectic Book” By Karen J. Mossman

Cry in the night
Available on Amazon Kindle

“To the entire world Rick has it all, rock stardom, fame, fortune… but inside he is burning out.
On the edge of depression and a breakdown he takes to an isolated shoreside hideaway and crawls into a bottle.
But he is not alone.
Gemma is in the apartment below, a lonesome, solitary figure, who is always in tears.
Inevitably their paths cross, each time getting a little closer, until one day they break the unseen barrier and speak.
Can Rick comfort Gemma as she comes to terms with her past? In return can she help Rick face his own demons?
Past and future collide in this romantic story of heartache, passions and possible futures.”

I’ve enjoyed a few of the Electric Eclectic Books, and when I saw a new one by Karen J. Mossman, I had to read it. A Cry in the Night is a romance with a touch of suspense. When rock star Rick Crockle takes a break from touring and rents an apartment at the beach, he is seeking some peace and quiet. Leaving the hectic life of a rock star behind, he plans to write and come up with some new songs. Even more important, Rick is taking time for some self examination.


Shortly after moving into the apartment he notices a young woman he describes as “beautiful in a plain sort of way.” In spite of this, he becomes obsessed with her. She cries often, and he wonders what makes her so sad. Finally, Gemma speaks to him. Little by little they become friendly, and she tells him her story. After a tragedy in her life, she travels to America to grieve privately. Soon they have become lovers, and Gemma encourages him to explore other things in life.

This begins as a sweet romance; two young people at a crossroads in their lives, finding comfort and love with one another. Then one day Gemma leaves a farewell note to Rick and disappears. Rick goes on to have another successful tour with his band. His career soars as he begins to star in films. Eventually, he writes his autobiography and embarks on a book tour.

A Cry in the Night is a tender story of two people rescuing one another; two strangers crossing paths at critical times in their lives. The characters could have been developed a bit more, and if this was a longer book, it might have been done. I had a hard time relating to them. I must compliment the author on a fabulous conclusion. I never saw it coming, and it was perfect. In fact, it is the end of the story that made the greatest impression on me. Reading the last line in this sweet tale, I set my Kindle down feeling satisfied.

I recommend this book as a quick, romantic read, with a delightful twist at the end. I hope Ms. Mossman will take this story and expand it into a full length book someday. It’s that good!

K Mossman
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