Living The Write Life : Tips on making the most of your writing skills (Write It Right Book 3) by Traci Sanders




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As an “indie writer” I am always looking for advice on writing. This book by Traci Sanders answered questions most other books don’t even touch on. In addition, she does it in an easy to read manner. Practical tips on managing your personal life while improving your success and productivity in your writing career abound in these pages.


From her tips on time management to tax information, Sanders covers all the bases. She even discusses subjects I’d never given a thought to. As a chronic procrastinator, I found her advice invaluable. As someone who has facilitated workshops on goal setting, you’d think I would be pretty good at staying on task. The tips on avoiding procrastination in Traci’s book have already helped me take a second look at how I manage my time and improve my habits.

In addition to her own hard learned advice, she provides links to resources; something not many authors are willing (or able) to do.

Whether you have already published a book or are simply considering taking the leap into “authorhood”, this book is an important resource.


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