“When Darkness Breaks” by Traci Sanders

When Darkness BreaksWhen Darkness Breaks by Traci Sanders
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Darkness Breaks by Traci Sanders is a touching story of a couple who struggle to overcome a terrible tragedy; a tragedy that almost destroys their family. Amber and Drake have everything a young married couple could ask for; Amber has a great career and Drake has the flexibility to be a stay at home Dad, they have a lovely home, and two beautiful children.
Suddenly their lives are turned upside down when both are offered exciting career opportunities. While arguing about whose career has more importance, as Drake drives them home from dinner their car hits a young boy, killing him. Although Drake is not found responsible he is devastated by the accident and his life begins a downward spiral. Unable to cope with what happened he begins to drink heavily and even engages in extra-marital affairs. Meanwhile, Amber is left to raise their children, feeling alone and abandoned.
When another accident occurs, Drake must face the reality that nothing is more important than his wife and family. This is a story of overcoming tragedy and learning to value what is truly important in life. As I followed Drake and Amber through the ups and downs of their life I shared their emotional journey. This is a tender story that incorporates some Christian faith into a sweet love story. Well written and easy to read I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a story of hope.

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