“Target in the Sun” by Lynda Filler

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I’ve enjoyed Lynda Filler’s “Jet” series and was eager to read her book, “Target in the Sun”. Winning an autographed copy in a contest I never expected such a compelling story. The book is written in a very unique style; told from the perspective of three characters through using e-mails and journals as well as narrative. It’s much more than a romance; it’s the story of people struggling to make sense of their complex lives.

                From his childhood throughout his life Carlos is a forceful character. I couldn’t help but be fascinated by him. His eventual relationship with the older American woman, Mia, is just a drop in the swirling ocean of his life. As I read I found myself unable to put the book down wondering what would happen to them, would they end up together, would one or both die? It created a delightful tension. Then there is Lucia, a highly decorated FBI agent who puts her life on the line to help the lovers escape the dark past Carlos carries with him.  What impact would her unprecedented actions have on her life and career? She is also an intriguing character. After the events of 9/11 she seems to change. Using her relationships with Tony, Michael, and Israel, Filler creates a character that is complex.

Creating a character who is involved in the drug trade yet remains a sort of hero is a challenge most authors would not attempt. Filler not only attempts but succeeds in the effort. The inevitability of Carlos becoming involved in the “family business” is offset by his growing feelings for Mia.

Set in the Mexican Riviera, beautiful Puerta Vallarta, Filler does such a wonderful job of describing the setting you can almost feel the heat, smell the exotic flowers, and imagine what it would be like to experience passion in such a romantic place. I’ve been to that area and I can say Filler brings it to life and makes it leap off the page.

Filler’s descriptions of the inner turmoil Carlos experiences as he falls in love with Mia grabbed my heart. He is a man who has spent his life hiding his emotions sometimes even from himself. Somehow Mia breaks through that wall and sees the man he can be. Her ability to weave the challenges the couple faces into a romance is brilliant. I found Lucia fascinating and admired her strength and determination.

All in all I highly recommend this book for originality, vibrancy of the characters, and the solid story line that catches the reader from the first chapter.

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3 thoughts on ““Target in the Sun” by Lynda Filler

  1. Wow!! Thanks again Liz for your amazing review! I’m editing the sequel VANISHED in the SUN. Who knew there’d be a sequel? But fans have asked what happens to Carlos and Mia. I responded with: let’s find out!

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