Lie To Me: an exposé on sex for money by Lynda Filler

Author Lynda Filler has created more than a fictional expose of sex for money. Lie to Me explores the world of young men in Puerto Vallarta who have found women and men willing to pay for the pleasure of their company. Caught up in this is Layla Duncan, a writer for a women’s magazine. Fascinated by the men who trade sex for money, she decides … Continue reading Lie To Me: an exposé on sex for money by Lynda Filler

April Books and News

I have an interesting reading list this month. Some fiction, some non-fiction, and even a book to help writers, write! LOVE The Beat Goes On by Lynda Filler (Available for pre-order now. Available 4/6/17) When your cardiologist tells you to “Get your affairs in order, your heart condition is incurable,” what do you do? In 2008 that’s exactly what happened to Lynda Filler. Lynda shares … Continue reading April Books and News

“Target in the Sun” by Lynda Filler

I’ve enjoyed Lynda Filler’s “Jet” series and was eager to read her book, “Target in the Sun”. Winning an autographed copy in a contest I never expected such a compelling story. The book is written in a very unique style; told from the perspective of three characters through using e-mails and journals as well as narrative. It’s much more than a romance; it’s the story … Continue reading “Target in the Sun” by Lynda Filler