Gems of Gratitude – A Review

I am honored to be part of The Sisterhood and to have my short story “Chloe’s Dream” accepted for this anthology. It means a lot to be included with so many amazing writers; all women, all strong, all very talented.

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The Sisterhood

gems-of-gratitudeI’m presenting this one differently to the way I usually feature books. This is the second book written by The Sisterhood. The first one was Gems of Strength which you may remember was featured a while back.

Again, this book features strong female characters written by women authors and published by Metamorph Publishing on November 14th 2016.

All the stories relate to being thankful.

The next planned book is Gems of Freedom and will again be featured on this page.

I finished reading and I thoroughly enjoyed every story in it. I have a favourite and a close second but will go through each one withouth giving away spoliers if you haven’t read it yet.

Loves Fate by Alana Madden

This is the story of Angelina who is thankful for her family and her husband. The story starts in the present day as the family prepares for Thanksgiving dinner. Angelina reflects…

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