“Lifeline” By Alexis Alvarez (From the Anthology “Bleed Blue 69”)


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I was given a copy of the story Lifeline by Alexis Alvarez before publication and enjoyed this sexy take on the New York Police Department. As a former New Yorker, an art lover, and a fan of the television show “Seinfeld” I loved the author’s view of the city’s police department. Alvarez easily captures the flavor of the big city; its unique humor, its constant activity, and the wide range of nationalities that comprise the metropolis.

Olivia Terranova is a fiery Latina museum curator and an artist who is working with the Whitney Museum on a project involving the art of Paolo which is on public display. The piece, titled Festivus Pole: A Master’s Interpretation, has been vandalized and Detective Lucian Foster has been called in to investigate. As soon as Olivia and Lucian set eyes on one another a ripple of electricity flows between them. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen between these two.

While the story is essentially about Livvie and Luc, the under story of the threat against Paolo and his unconventional art is great too. Who is defacing his art and how far will that person go to make his point?

Alvarez manages to develop her characters and present a tight plot in this short story; not an easy feat. She gives her reader the flavor of New York City, the intensity of relationships that grow quickly in the busy city, and response of a police force that has seen everything from the serious to the ridiculous treating all with a determination to solve the crime and catch the bad guy.

If Lifeline is an indication of the rest of the stories in the Bleed Blue 69 I can hardly wait to dive in!

Alexis Alvarez


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