“The Price Of Treachery: The Phoenix Series Book 5″by Ted Tayler

The fifth book in the series continues the fast-paced story as two factions vie for superiority within the Olympus Project. The Olympians and the Titans are in a power struggle. There are scores to be settled with unscrupulous landlords in London; a traitor inside Larcombe Manor to be uncovered. There is a new life to protect as Athena prepares to become a mother. The Phoenix needs all his wits about him and all of his skills to keep his colleagues and loved ones safe. If the final battle is lost, the Titans will take the organisation into a darker direction altogether. Their ultimate aim is to overthrow democracy in the UK. Who will win the day? The action never slows… the tension never slackens.. ”
“Tayler is generous to his readers with dynamic characters and intricate plots”
“The Phoenix is a protagonist with a past who grabs and keeps the reader’s interest”
“fast, intense vigilante action”

price of treachery
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“The Price of Treachery” is the fifth book in the Phoenix series and I’m pleased to say I found it as enjoyable as the first four. Ted Tayler manages what many authors fail to do; he keeps his reader engaged and invested in the activities of his characters over five books. Not only is Phoenix a complex and fascinating character, the Olympus Project itself undergoes dramatic changes.

Picking up from the previous book, the suspicion that members of the guiding body of the Olympus Project, the Titans, are preparing a coup becomes concrete. Phoenix and Athena must gather all their resources to discover who the traitors are. Once their identities are known the Olympians must unite to prevent the violent takeover of the government, throwing the world into confusion.

Fast paced, intricate, and very well detailed, Tayler takes the heroes on a journey that challenges their existence. Failure is not an option since it would mean the collapse of the organization Erebus had so diligently managed for years. Underneath it all is Phoenix’s desire to avenge the murder of his patron.

Characters from the past and new characters pepper the pages raising the tension throughout. Ending with a conclusion that satisfies while leaving room for a sequel, Tayler weaves a tale of political intrigue that could be taken from today’s CNN reports. I received a copy of this book for an honest and unbiased review and I am happy to do that. It’s a delight to review a book I have enjoyed so much.

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