“Boston” by Alexis Alvarez

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“Boston” has never been so hot. Alexis Alvarez brings her spicy and romantic style of writing to the staid old city setting it a flame with Parker Minelli and Abby Michaels. These two characters are electric and I was immediately drawn into the book wanting to know what roads they would travel.

From their first official meeting it’s evident Parker is a bundle of male sexuality that practically sets rooms on fire when he enters them. Abby wants him as a co-writer on her next book but it’s pretty obvious she may have bitten off more than…well you know. Although the two main characters are bigger than life Alvarez develops her lesser characters just as effectively, given each an identity that fits neatly in the plot.

Even though it’s apparent that Parker and Abby are going to have a close encounter of the intimate kind, following them on the path to that moment is a delight. As they play cat and mouse, the tension rises, the excitement builds, and the reward is wonderful.  Battling their individual insecurities they view one another as unattainable. Abby doesn’t think she’s pretty or sexy enough for Parker and he thinks she is too smart for him. While there are the usual roadblocks to a fulfilling relationship, not the least of which is Parker’s beautiful ex girlfriend, everything is handled with fresh language and a lively approach. I enjoyed the conflict between them as it set the sexual tension high.

Alvarez writes erotic romance with an experienced hand, preventing it from being tawdry. Instead it is deliciously enticing and enhances the story. Well paced and beautifully written I highly recommend this book. I was provided a copy in exchange for an unbiased review.

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